Saturday, December 04, 2004

Be A Clown

Citizen's Voice of the Day

"I have had enough of folks with kids complaining that there is nothing for their kids to do. I think parents with kids should do something themselves to entertain their kids. Why should I entertain them, or allow my tax dollars to entertain them? If you want your kids entertained, buy them a clown."

The quality of humor in Citizens' Voice only gets better. Where does one go to buy a clown? Can you get 'em in Miami?

Oh, it's not that we don't have plenty of clowns here. They're all over the place. Some of them are for rent, but I haven't heard of any for sale.

I was talking to Captain Rick yesterday about some of the characters who have passed through this town. Rick has been here a lot longer than we have, 18 years as I recall. He owned and operated the bait shop at the Half Shell complex on the waterfront. Now he operates as a one-man promotions company and is building a house just down Truman Avenue from us. I told him about the three "still-half-drunk-from-the-night-before", Superboat-race revelers. These guys just had to tell someone about the great time they had at Bare Assets a few hours previous, how much money they spent, and how they didn't 'get anything' for their money. Theo and I were standing on the porch of the Coffee Plantation, so they picked us to tell.

We were polite, Theo and I, because they were visitors here and that's our job, being nice to people who are sometimes difficult to like. Only half-joking, I told them that it really works the other way around, that we import tourists the year round in order to be entertained ourselves by them. The fact that they pay us for the privilege of amusing us is doubly the reason why we love living here.

Be a clown!

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