Friday, December 31, 2004


Citizen's Voice of the Day

"At your door

A Harris Avenue woman received a belated and bizarre Christmas present on her doorstep Tuesday afternoon.

A cow's tongue that was slit up the middle and then stitched together was placed on her doorstep sometime Tuesday afternoon, but the woman initially thought the object was a snail and ignored it, she told Officer Tammy Wood. (Look for SPELLS and RECOMMENDED HERBS AND ROOTS FOR COURT CASES)

The next day, the woman examined the object and fond that it was a slit cow's tongue. The slit had been stitched back together and contained a piece of paper with names written on it, the police report states.

The woman immediately brought the tongue to the police department and met with Officer Tammy Wood, who took photos of the tongue before disposing of it."

I'd be willing to bet that you haven's seen this kind of report in your city's crime report recently.

Beef tongue, anyone?

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