Monday, January 24, 2005

Annie Dillard's Doggerel

Annie Dillard is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who winters in Key West. She wrote the following piece just prior to the scheduled Planning Board hearing on the Watermark project:

From Solares Hill, 1/14/2005
By Annie Dillard
With Photshop'd picture showing a cityscape behind the Hilton and Customs House.

Title: Annie Dillard's Doggerel

From down Duval you see
A strand of open shore.
If a motel grows three stories
This grandeur we'll see no more.

Everywhere big buildings rise --
This fact fills me with awe --
Some few must have influence:
It's all within the law.

The scene gets poorer, while the rich
Find legal loops to use.
Richer yet, they still die bare --
Having wrecked, for all, the views.

The developer wants, the developer wants
The developer wants some more.
We can't say no, the city says:
Take wetlands, woods and shore.

HARC, HARC, the lark
Contents itself with knickknacks.
HARC and TDC and Planning --
Could they be taking kickbacks?

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