Monday, January 10, 2005

Donna the Buffalo

I'm eavesdropping on a conversation across from me at the Coffee Plantation about a band called Donna the Buffalo (link above). The band was at Schooner Wharf for the past week, though we didn't hear them (we haven't been going to SWB as often as we used to). I'd never heard of them, but Maryanne, chef at SWB, told us that they were somewhat of a strange group, or at least had a strange following called The Herd.

The woman involved in the conversation I'm overhearing knows something about the band, information that she picked up last Friday at SWB. They have a following of fans from all around the country, similar to Deadheads, Phish Phans (Phish Heads? I'm not sure what they are called), Parrot Heads, and some others like that. Maryanne let us know that the band had made arrangements with SWB to reserve the dance "floor" area for those people who had paid a hundred dollars for the privilege of being permitted in that area to dance the entire week. Anyone not wearing the bracelet that the hundred dollars bought would be prohibited from dancing in that space. Now I kind of wish that we had stayed, even though several SWB employees said that the band really wasn't that good -- and they'd be in a position to make those judgments.

The going-away party that I wrote about yesterday has remained in my mind since last evening. I stayed at SWB until 8:30. Janet stayed on a while longer as the Reggae Party was playing and she was getting into the dance. I worried about her coming home on the tricycle after dark. She doesn't have the required front and rear lights on yet, although she wears a bright, battery-operated safety belt when she goes out after dark. We usually go out together at night, and my bicycle is fully equipped with lights and reflectors. Janet does have plenty of reflectors on her trike, and she's grown much more confident on the tricycle since starting to ride it work a week or so ago. Of course, she got home safely at about 10:30, having spent some time talking with Trevor for a while after leaving Schooner's.

Hal, over at It's Only Key West, commented on my post from SWB yesterday:

Reading kwshoes blog today brings to the front a lot of things to reflect on.

The part of the blog is people leaving the Keys for less expensive digs. In the past three weeks we have gone to 5 going away parties. These folks have been in Key West 3-15 years.

Those smart enough to have bought property, even 3 years ago, are leaving as or close to being millionaires. One couple bought a little bungalow in old town in 1991 for $85,000. Fixed it up nice and sold it last month for $1,300,000. Sold in 2 days. Moving back home to eastern NC.

One couple is sailing away to parts unknown. Starting in Mexico. Nice 42 foot Hunter sailboat.

Others are drifting towards Fort Myers and the west coast of Florida.

Life changes but it hurts to lose old friends.

We're going to attend a meeting of the Key West Neighborhood Association tomorrow night. They are very actively opposing the scale and shape of the Watermark Project at the Jabour site.

The drums are beating louder. It could be war.

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