Saturday, January 29, 2005


Yesterday was, for some reason I can't explain, a bad energy day here. It just didn't feel right all day, and it wasn't that way just for me.

Theo was having a similarly bad day -- trouble in the parking lot, a cup of coffee spilled into his credit card machine, him alone on a busy day. Tony nursing a hangover. Jordan told me that he felt it too. I took no formal (or informal) survey, but I'm pretty sure that there was a disturbance in the force.

It's much better today. Janet went yard-saling and found several items that we'll be able to make use of. I came and went to and from the Coffee Plantation a couple of times, went to the Craft Show on Whitehead and Caroline Sts, stopped at the Post Office, and now it's time to go back to the house for some lunch.

We were out Thursday night (Schooner Wharf), Friday night (Turtle Races), and tonight we're planning on Virgilio's for Caffeine Carl and the Lily White Band (dance and funk), then (possibly) to the Green Parrot for Gary and the Rocket 88's (swing music).

Where else could we do this? In January?

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

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Anonymous said...

Those of us landlocked in the frozen tundra of the midwest sure are jealous!

Mark P.

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