Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Eve

There are three "pole-dropping" locations in Key West tonight. At the Bourbon Street complex, Sushi will be lowered from the upstairs balcony in a red slipper to count down to the new year. Further down Duval St., a conch shell will be lowered at Sloppy Joe's. And at Schooner Wharf, the traditional lowering of the pirate wench from the topmast of the Schooner America will be honored at midnight. I heard that there might also be a sensational magical illusion involving Evelena Worthington, Magic Frank Everhart, and fire.

Unfortunately we'll miss all of that, as we are seeing in the new year at the Green Parrot, where the Rockin' Jake Band is doing the show tonight. We stopped in for their first set last night, and met Jake's wife Christy. They've been married two months and this is their first trip here together.

Jake and the boys are as good as they were the last time we saw them in Portsmouth (NH) in the summer of 2003, maybe better. There's something about the Parrot, and about the crowd there, that brings out the best in some musicians. That's the case with RJB. Jake loves this venue.

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