Monday, January 10, 2005

Rats in Key West

I just noticed that one of the "referrers" that resulted in a visit to this blog was a search engine query for "Rats in Key West". Reminds me of a story I heard yesterday. Bob & Michelle, the couple who are moving to Jackson Hole this week, told me about finding two large rats in their yard not so long ago. I also remembered one night at Schooner Wharf when the people sitting near the large tree near the dance floor were startled by another large rodent scrambling down the tree and across the dance floor towards the back corner near the Ladies' Room. No screaming ensued, so I assume that he foudn his way onto Lazy Way, or else settled in under the pile of extra chairs kept back in that corner.

I don't mean to leave the impression that Key West is a rat-infested island, or that rats are a huge problem here. I myself have never seen one. Maybe the person doing the search was looking for information about the huge Gambian Pouch Rats I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

Another thing I've noticed is that the geckos seem to be gone. We'll see one on the patio every now and again, but in our earlier stay here, we had many geckos every day. I wonder what's happened to them?

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