Monday, January 31, 2005

Stormy Monday -- no way!

I'm at the Coffee Plantation waiting for Carole to come back with her iBook. She asked me yesterday if I could have a look at it, at some kind of problem she's having. Marcus, her regular Macintosh guru, is on an extended out-of-town trek and she's frustrated at not being able to get her eBay work done. Carole sells movie memorabilia from here, posters and that kind of thing. She had to send her iBook back to Apple for service recently and lost several days of business waiting for it to be delivered back to her.

I got here a little later than I planned. I stopped first at Circle K, then at the bank to retrieve a small piece more of my money. The weekend drained our pocket cash down as we went out for music every night since Thursday. We have one more stop to make tonight, at Harbor Lights, to listen to the first public performance of Biscuits & Gravy, a new blues trio consisting of Little Boy Flowers, Jersey Slim, and the G-Man on drums. (Be assured, these people all have proper names, but their performance names are the ones most recognized here). The band has been rehearsing for several weeks now. All are accomplished musicians with a "career" of professional work experience -- even Little Boy has been performing professionally for eight years now, and he's turning 15 this coming Friday.

There's a meeting in Bahama Village tonight that we plan to attend. Our District Commissioner, Carmen Turner, is trying to get the Police Department to commit to full-time coverage on the streets of the Village, and to begin a Community Policing Program of some sort. This could prove to be interesting.

Carole is back. I'll be back later.

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