Thursday, January 20, 2005

Taking the easy way out

Feeling a bit lazy this morning, I'm going to start out by posting the text of an e-mail sent to our cousin Jane in New Hampshire as the first post of the day today. I have the day free until 6 PM so am likely to post at least a couple of more times through the day.

on 1/20/05 8:36 AM, Jane wrote:

> Subject: The Mayonnaise Jar Theory
Hello Janie Face,

Thanks for the smile. I heard that story once, long ago, but had forgotten it.

Glad to see that you are using the computer to maintain contact with the family back in Eire. I hope that it's working well for you.

We read of the cold and snow and ice there and do consider ourselves to be fortunate to only have to read of it and not be in it.

Have met and made many new friends here, and renewed acquaintance with others whom we knew from before. Life is a round of amusement with interludes of work, especially for herself. She's now on a Monday-Friday schedule and is pretty much running the store by herself on those days. Her boss, Katha, the Chicken lady, is in Chicago today for three days overseeing the filming of a commercial for the Perkins Family Restaurant chain, starring one or more of her roosters (she sent three of them in advance of going herself). We haven't yet gotten to know the roosters by name and (chicken) "person"-ality, but I do remember that Red Rover is one that she sent. Red might be the blind one, but I'm not certain. In the store at the moment, among others, is the great Redbeard, and Curly Toes, as well as a mother hen who is raising a brood of very young chicks, four of them not from her own eggs, but orphans in need of a mother.

Hope that you are well and happy. Give our regards to all you meet who know us.

Love you too.



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