Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Weekend

The eagle flies on Friday; Saturday I go out to play
The eagle flies on Friday; Saturday I go out to play
Sunday I go to church, hmm ,
That's when I get down on my knees and pray.

Briefly, because the Key West Computer Users Group meeting begins in about 20 minutes, it has been a good weekend so far.

We did go to the Green Parrot on Friday evening to listen to Alberta Adams and the Detroit Rhythm Kings. I've never seen the Parrot as crowded as it was Friday. It was near impossible to move inside the place, and it took forever to get a drink at either bar. Janet went out earlier with Trevor and Joe, to the Turtle Races, and to get an advance look at the yard sale planned for Saturday. George and Susan, our neighbors from Terry Lane were there when I arrived. We fought our way inside to get a beverage (a large Newcastle in a glass for me, Yuengling's for them). The Rhythm King's were good, Alberta Adams was good, and we couldn't get near enough to the stage to see any of them. We "watched" and listened from the sidewalk, talked, and had a pretty good time.

Saturday, "playing" consisted of Janet helping Joey and Jonathan at their yard sale on Louisa Street. I hung out at home and here at the Coffee Plantation in the A.M. Saturday afternoon, Little Boy called and asked if I wanted to come over to sit in while he recorded for a CD that he's sending in to Prairie Home Companion's second annual Teen Talent Contest. I watched, listened, and took a few pictures.

Now it's Sunday, and the front has arrived. Temperatures are falling rapidly, and it's raining heavily right now. But we won't have to shovel when it's over.

The rain has put a damper on our Users' Group meeting, but we're sitting here with a few other people talking about computers anyway. We've just arranged for a barter with a massage therapist for massage(s) in exchange for some Macintosh consulting.

The rain has stopped now. It's noticeably cooler, and still very overcast.

Our daughter Betty just called from New Hampshire. They have about 18" of snow, and it's still snowing, with a forecast of 24" before it ends.

"I'd rather be here, drinking a beer, ....."

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