Monday, January 03, 2005

Why do they call it Stormy Monday?

They call it stormy Monday
But Tuesday's just as bad.

Not here though. Not today. It's one of those bright, comfortably cool days today, the kind where you might slip on a light sweater or shirt at first dawn. The forecast high for the day is 76 and the low tonight should be 69. Perfect. Paradisiacal.

Janet reminded me this morning about Susie Mitchell, the Key West Bliss Magnet. We met Susie at a benefit performance at Willie T's of the No-Name Drag Players when Charlie Burwell ran for King of Fantasy Fest in 1999. Susie was one of Charlie's campaign managers. She was about five feet tall, full of love for all creatures, a massage therapist by profession, with a beautiful soul. I keep a pin in my computer bag with Susie's picture on it. The pins were bought by her brother when he came here for her memorial service after the accident that took her life on Eaton St.

We went on the night sail which was to be the memorial service and it was one of those transcendent moments, the kind where you can almost feel the energy of the person being memorialized. We were with Ri and Sandy that night, the couple who were responsible for us getting involved in Charlie's campaign in the first place. One of them, I can't remember now which it was, spotted the halo around the moon that night, and we were able to get a picture of it. I have it included in the rotation of pictures that make up my desktop.

Susie knew the secret of attracting bliss
to herself. It was to be happy, and to do your best to make others feel the same way. She succeeded.

Thanks, Susie. We still miss you.

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