Saturday, February 12, 2005

Almost made a convert ....

George has been eyeing my iBook with what seems to be envy. He even said that he was considering that maybe he might look at possibly thinking about replacing his Compaq Presario 1245 notebook computer with something a bit more modern, and that it could be that he might consider getting a Mac.

Now, George is a retired business guy like myself. He's comfortable with using a computer as a tool, does his taxes with Tax Cut, uses e-mail and knows how to surf. But to him, the computer is just a tool. He has other interests, other ways to spend his day, like going out scooter riding with Theo, accompanying Susan to the theater, going with her to the Green Parrot to hear a particularly good band, those kinds of things.

I got my hopes up that I might put him into a Mac laptop. Theo is arguing the other side, that George has all the computer and OS he needs. I don't disagree with Theo but I do have a different perspective, that is, we don't always know what we want until we see what can be done with a better tool. Windows 2000 is good enough, certainly better than the Windows 98 that the computer came with. Just add a wireless card to be able to jump on the wireless network at the Coffee Plantation, which he did successfully. It's a little slow. The 1245 was introduced in 1999, at 333MHz, with 32 MB of RAM, a 3.2GB hard drive and a CD-ROM Drive, and Windows 98 and a host of other software. Now that George has upgraded the operating system to Windows 2000, the 32MB of installed RAM is insufficient (64MB minimum required), further limiting performance.

So, today George asked me if I thought more memory would make things better. I had to admit that it would and sent him off to OfficeMax to see if they have what the 128MB upgrade he needs in stock. He's going to do what I would probably do in his situation, that is, not invest too much in a six year old computer, but try some inexpensive things to see if they make enough of a difference to make the computer "acceptable".

I'll be there with Mac info if he needs me.

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