Friday, February 25, 2005

Birds and Dogs

I'm back at the Coffee Plantation after doing some errands; took Maggie to the vet for her rabies shot and to get a prescription for her flea medication. She's been scratching a lot, and Janet saw a few fleas near her tail. We gave her a treatment with FrontLine about five days ago but it doesn't seem to be working, so she's now treated with Advantage. The vet says it is better for fleas than FrontLine.

Well, we're down to two canaries. Yesterday, as I was putting a bowl of water into the cage so the little fellas could have a bath, Jack, the younger male, decided that the great outdoors was a better place to be than in the cage with Sunny and Zoe. He squeezed past my arm and flew to a nearby perch, just far enough that I couldn't reach him. He stayed nearby for a while, even flew back to the cage twice. I think he was trying to entice Zoe to join him on the outside, and she reacted as though she might like to do that, but couldn't of course. Today she's been hopping around in the cage as though she's trying to figure out where Jack went, while Sunny perches quietly and watches. Katha thinks that Sunny and Zoe are the better pair for breeding, but darn, I think Zoe liked Jack a little more. Sunny (a male) took over the raising of Zoe when her mother rejected her, so obviously he's older than she is (we aren't sure how old he is, since he came to Katha as an adult following the accident in which he lost his foot.

We left the doors open (it's warm enough) in the hope that Jack would come back on his own if he heard the others singing. Unfortunately, they haven't been singing as much as they did at Katha's. It usually takes some time for canaries to acclimate after they are moved. They thrive on familiarity, struggle with changes (how human of them!).

Janet was pretty upsent with me when I told her about Jack's flight to freedom. I think I convinced her that it was just and accident, and that he has at least a shot at survival. Katha is going to loan us a CD of canary songs in hope that it might draw him back. It might also encourage the Sunny to begin singing the way I know he can.

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