Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cars and Parking

Citizen's Voice of the Day

"We come every year for about two months and rent a car. We don't stay in Key West but we bring family and friends down every couple of days. Do you want six or seven people, 75 years old, driving around on scooters or four or five 7-year-olds on scooters or bikes? If you don't want tourists we can always go to Hawaii or stay home and go ice fishing and save $15-20,000 a year. Otherwise, who's going to fill your overpriced parking or tip your overworked and underpaid wait staff? No tourists, no income and there you are."

New strategy for parking: zones
KEY WEST ? Setting aside parking spots for locals has not calmed the battle for on-street parking in Old Town, so now city officials are proposing a new strategy: zoning by district.

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