Friday, February 04, 2005

The Friday Papers

I haven't gone out for the Friday papers, as it's raining lightly, and cool. A good morning to stay in with a pot of coffee and get caught up on a a bunch of things that are nagging.

It's Janet's birthday. She got a call from our New Hampshire daughter Betty early, and there'll be flowers delivered to the store this morning from our Texas daughter, Susan. We have a full night of celebration planned. Turtle Races, dinner at Shanna Key with "'the lads" and some Irish music, on to Schooner Wharf for music and dancing to the Bubba System, then winding up at the Green Parrot to listen to the Lamont Cranston Blues Band (Dan Ackroyd's favorite blues group).

It's also Little Boy Flowers' birthday. He is having a dinner/party with some of his friends and his parents and grandmother who is visiting from Washington state. We hope to hook up with him at Schooner Wharf later.

Some of you may not realize the reference in the Parrot band's name. Lamont Cranston doesn't lead the group, doesn't even play in it. Lamont Cranston was The Shadow in pulp fiction and in the golden age of radio.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. The Shadow Knows! ...

The Shadow fought the evil-doers with his secret weapon, the power to cloud men's minds, rendering himself invisible.

But, back to the Friday papers. I refer to them by that common name, even though they don't all come out on Friday. The one's that do, Solares Hill and Key West the Newspaper, are only partially available on line. Paradise This Week and the Key West City Paper publish on Thursday and furnish some on-line content, but not enough.

One of the features I enjoy reading in KWTN are the columns by Hal O'Boyle. Hal is a down-the-line libertarian, one of those people who believe in the purported Jeffersonian ideal, "That government is best which governs least." (There's no record that Jefferson ever said that but it is widely attributed to him.) I'm adding a link to O'Boyle's own blog to my list.

I'll get out and get the papers eventually. The forecast for today and tonight suggests that we'll need to wear warmer clothes. Long pants and a sweatshirt ought to do it. The wood stove will be burning at Schooner, and body heat will take care of things at the Parrot.

I made a commitment to take part in the Bahama Village clean-up that starts at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Volunteers will spread out throughout the Village with plastic bags, and Waste Management will pick up whatever is collected and haul it away. To be honest about it, it really isn't bad here. There a few of spots that seem to attract litter, but the city and Waste Management do a pretty good job of keeping the Village tidy. My brother Tom once pointed out to me that the streets are always cleanest in the weeks leading up to an election.

We have one coming up, in October, for Mayor (Jimmy Weekley), Commissioner District I (Tom Oosterhoudt -- he's the Colorful Commish), Commissioner District III (Ed Scales), Commissioner District VI (Carmen Turner), Utility Board Chairman, Utility Board Member G2, and Utility Board Member G3.

The process for running for office here is like that for any other place: file as a candidate, raise money, campaign. The specifics for doing the first, if of any interest to a reader here, can be found at the City Clerk's page on the City web site. As to the rest, there are a number of people who've been through the process who would be glad to share the experiences they had in running.

Well, I've wandered through a forest of Key West matters without having come to much of a point. Enough for today. Or at least for now.

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