Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights
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The picture is of Harbor Lights Raw Bar at Garrison Bight, just up from Charterboat Row. It was our first visit there, mine and Janet's. We went on Monday night to hear Little Boy Flowers and Jersey Slim, two musicians we've come to know through their musical performances around town.

Little Boy will be 15 years old this coming Friday, the same day as Janet's birthday. We met him on February 4, 1999, when he was turning nine, and playing in the band Unpaid Bar Tabs at Schooner Wharf. We met Jersey Slim in the same year when he was playing harmonica with the band Caffeine Carl and the Funky Beans. Both musicians live here in Bahama Village, and have significant professional experience. They were appearing together, with percussionist G-Man, for the first time as Biscuits & Gravy, their chosen name.

We grew close to Little Boy and his family beginning in '99. Our regular Thurday night visits to Schooner Wharf began then. Some know of my mentor/teacher relationship with him, helping him to prepare to take the GED exam next year. He and his dad, Red -- yes, he's Red Flowers -- came to visit us in New Hampshire in the summer of 2003 while on tour in their motor home.

Monday night, any Monday night, is not the busiest night of the week in any music venue in Key West, and Harbor Lights isn't one of the premiere music venues on any night. In fact, they are most known for the karaoke nights on weekends, and are mostly a locals spot. So we started out listening with Red & Dottie, and the bartender, as the entire audience. A little later another couple, people who Little Boy knew, came in. If you listen to live music much, you know that an appreciative audience adds much to a band's performance energy. The result was predictable. Thought the music was enjoyable, well-played, it lacked a spark that would have been there with an audience.

I don't know where Biscuits & Gravy might go. Bands come and bands go in Key West, even if the musicians remain. But we'll watch, and try to support them. B&G's next gig will be on Sunday evening, February 20, at Geiger Key Marina, MM 10.5. Sunday is ribs and chicken barbecue night there. Join us if you care to.

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