Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Sunday

After a busy Sunday morning of computer user group meetings and our Bible study, Janet and I went home to rest up from a second night at the Parrot to listen to the Lamont Cranston Blues Band again. It would soon be time to retire to Schooner Wharf to watch Super Bowl XXXIX, and to see our beloved Patriots take on the attempted evil-doers from Philadelphia.

When we arrived, it seemed as though the fans of each time were pretty evenly divided between the two teams. Hats and shirts revealed who was who. Even more telling were the labels affixed to people's shirts, "P" for Pats fans and "E" for Eagle supporters. The labels would come into play when one team or the other scored: a free shooter for the fans of the scoring team. We sat at first at Franks' Magic bar in the back. We looked for seats in front of the large screen TV in the back room, or the huge projection screen set up on the band stage, but every seat was occupied. The best seats we could find offered a view from about a 60 degree angle to the TV set up high over the juke box. It wasn't a bad view as long as you leaned over far enough whenever something really important was going on. The sound was a little difficult to pick up, rendering some of the commercials a bit puzzling.

We chatted with others, met some new "friends we hadn't met yet" as we watched. In the end, despite some nervousness at the closeness of the game, our Pats came through. We watched them win their first Super Bowl rings in 2002 against the Rams at Schooner Wharf, so there was some nostalgia in being able to do it there again.

Yay, Pats! Congratulations!

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