Thursday, February 10, 2005


TAMPOA is the Truman Annex Master Property Owners Association, the association that manages the various Truman Annex 'neighborhoods' and looks after their interests in the common property of the condominiums there. This is from their most recent newsletter.

TRAFFIC:  A major concern for the Board has been the control of traffic on Southard Street, per our contract with the City. Recently, we had a meeting with City personnel to address our concerns.  On behalf of the City, this meeting was attended by Julio Avael, Bob Tischenkel, Raymond Archer and Doug Bradshaw.  Sterling Christian, Paula Ryals, Phil Wilson, Bill Andersen and I attended on behalf of TAMPOA. We found all City staff to be very forthcoming and cooperative. We learned that the City has hired a consulting firm to create a development plan and an associated traffic pattern for the waterfront. We also learned that the City thinks that it would be prudent to have a development program in place before spending associated funds to bring in utilities through the streets in Bahama Village. This seemed reasonable to the Board members and the City requested a 60 day extension of the original development deadline to present a traffic plan to TAMPOA for its approval. This does not mean that Southard Street will be immediately closed according to our original contract.  What it does mean is that we are cooperatively working with the City to achieve the original intent of our contract even if it means a delay. The Board thinks this is a reasonable compromise that achieves our ends without litigation.

WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT:  As mentioned above, the City has hired a consulting firm to develop a plan for the waterfront.  The City is interested in receiving input from a variety of constituencies. It had scheduled a meeting with the members of TAMPOA on the 13th of September but that meeting was cancelled because of the impending threat of hurricane Ivan. This meeting will be rescheduled and all TAMPOA members are welcome to attend. As you may remember, we compiled a comprehensive member survey that quantified our members? point of view.  We will be sure to present the consultants with copies of this survey.  The two main member concerns that the Board will be representing, are the closing of Southard Street and the maintenance of as much green space in front of our property as possible. If you attend, we encourage you to echo these two main concerns. Again, thanks in advance and best regards to all.

I'm still working on my report of the City Commission's workshop with the Truman Waterfront consultants. I hope to have that up later today.

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