Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thomas & Petronia

Thomas & Petronia 1
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I persuaded Theo and Diane that they needed to give names to the chicken couple who live on the Bahama Market property where the Coffee Plantation is located.

Theo came up with the names: Thomas, for Thomas St. and Petronia for Petronia St. It could have been Whitehead and Petronia for the intersection at which they are located. Thomas just had a certain ring to it compared to Whitehead.

Thomas and Petronia appear to be a monogamous pair, something that isn't uncommon in poultry society here in the Keys. There are three cockerels -- young roosters -- who share the territory with T&P. I suspect that they are their offspring, their children, who will soon begin looking for love on their own. I'm curious to find out whether they leave the territory, or attempt to attract hens of their own to come here and share the range.

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