Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Transient Rentals

The Key West Neighborhood Association weighs in on forthcoming revisions to the Transient Rental ordinance.

This is a complex story. There are a fixed number of properties that hold transient rental licenses. That number is, in the opinion of many, far fewer than the number of places that are actually rented transiently, that is for a minimum of twenty-eight days. These "hidden hotels" are all over the city, and the City's code enforcement team seems unable to enforce the laws that prohibit such rentals.

This latest move to change the ordinance is a response to a law suit that the City lost against a property owner in Truman Annex, a gated enclave where this type of renting has gone on behind the scenes for years. The fear is that the revised ordinance will become "the camel's nose under the tent", and will lead to unrestrained transient renting, further depleting the stock of housing available for residential living, and introducing disruptive tourism into what are now ostensibly residential neighborhoods.

It bears watching. I will.

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