Saturday, February 26, 2005

We got fans!

I knew that I had a few fans out there, 'cause they told me so. There's Mom, of course. My brother Marty lets me know every once in a while by making a comment on something I write. (He told me that he had my back, too, on the potential dust-up at Schooner Wharf when Thomas made his unwelcome, drunken move on Janet. But Marty was in Albuquerque then, and Big T was standing right next to me.).

There have been a few others, too -- my buddy Scooter in PA, Hal, Scott at Gecko Tales -- but last week Mark, from Russell, KY, walked into the Chicken Store, introduced himself to Janet, whose name he already knew, and told her that he is "a big fan of the Real Key West". When she got home and told me, it made my day. Thanks, Mark. Y'all come back now, hear.

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