Friday, February 25, 2005

What is a vacation?

I'm sitting opposite a couple who have been in and out of here over the past few days. It's interesting to me to watch the dynamic of their interactions. They seem not to like each other that well, picking at each other over little things, small annoyances that demand an immediate reaction from the other. I have the impression that he's on an enforced vacation from whatever it is that he does in the real world. He's usually at one of the computers in the internet room, doing something that seems work-related. She sits and does crossword puzzles, reads the newspapers, and complains that he's spending too much time "at work". Maybe its true, that "familiarity does breed contempt".

I think that they are considering buying a property here, not to live in, but to "flip" over for a quick profit. If I was sure that is what they're up to, I'd be tempted to say something, to recommend that they not do it, but then it would seem as though I was eavesdropping -- which of course I am.

I see their behaviors fairly often. Usually its "him" who can't break away from his connection to the job, although I've seen the opposite too. I guess I was that way myself at one time, but retirement has broken the habit for the most part.

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