Thursday, March 03, 2005

Live, From Albuquerque

I'm sitting in the airport in Albuquerque, NM , waiting for our daughter Susan to arrive from Austin. We're spending a few days here visiting my Mom, Sue's Grammy, who lives here now with my brother Jack and his family. (Here's a picture of all of us from 2002). I flew out of KWIA at 5:55 this morning and got here at about 12:30 local time (two hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time). Susan arrives at around 4:30 local time, an hour or so from now.

First impressions: it's cooler here than at home. Not brutally cold, like it is in New England sometimes, but the daytime temperature this afternoon was in the 50's, and night temps are forecast in the 30's. I don't have the proper clothes for this weather. I picked up a couple of pair of long pants on Monday, and I'm wearing my pullover sweatshirt with hood, the one I wear when we get one of those Key West "cold snaps", when the temps drop into the 50's in December and January. Nevertheless, I will survive.

I stepped outside to have a look at the landscape. East of here, out along I-25, there is a range of mountains that look quite spectacular. We flew in over them, and I can see them from the loading platform of the airport. The mountains to the east are the Sandia Mountains. Further north, along the Rio Grande River and surrounding Los Alamos are the Jemez Mountains.

Since I have a long-ish wait for Susan's arrival, one pleasant surprise was to find out that Albuquerque's Sunport Airport has free wireless internet throughout most of the building, so I've had a chance to read this morning's Key West Citizen, download email that came in since last night, in short, to do what I'd be doing if I was at home.

Susan and I have both been looking forward to this trip since planning it over a month ago. We haven't seen Mom since 2003, and not since she had a stroke soon after moving here. It was a blessing that it happened here and not in Florida, where she lived before moving here in April or May of last year. And it's been even longer than that since we saw Jack and Robin, and their kids and grandkids, 2002 as I recall.

So, I'll continue to write from here until I return to Key West on the 9th.

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