Monday, March 28, 2005

The Patio

My morning routine consists of a series of small chores -- bed-making, dishwashing -- and sweeping the patio clean of the flowers that drop on it constantly from the hibiscus tree, and especially from the bougainvillea plant that grows in our neighbors yard and spreads over the top of our gate. The bougainvillea is quite magnificent when viewed from Truman Avenue. Miss Julia, who lives across the street says that its a constant object of camera attention for the tourists who cruise by on the Conch Tour Trains, making the turn from Thomas Street onto Truman Avenue. The flowers of the bougainvillea are small, grow in great profusion on the plant, and carpet the ground in the height of their blossoming/dropping cycle.

The flowers of the hibiscus are quite a bit larger, therefore easier to pick up from the mulched garden area. It's only a five-minute job, but like anything that has to be done every day, a chore, by definition, is something you do because you have to, not because you want to. I try to make those five minutes a Zen exercise of sorts, letting everything but the blossoms recede into the background.

But there is a good thing about the flowers. They don't have to be shoveled. like snow.

In addition to the hibiscus and bougainvillea, we have night-blooming jasmine creeping over from the yard next door, a passion flower plant, a plantain tree that leans over from next door (and on which there is a nice little stalk growing now), and a Jewel of Opar in a small pot. There are several other growing things that we haven't identified yet.

All in all, its a nice place to hang out.

I'm going to put a few pictures up at Check them out if you care to.

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