Saturday, March 12, 2005

Reporting in

Saturday now. Janet was off to the yard sales with Roger early this morning. She left me responsible for getting the canaries cages (there are two now) ready with food, drinking water, and a bath, which I did early. While I was away, another of our original flock, Zöe, the only female we had, escaped, flew the coop, so to speak. Janet felt badly, but I told her that Zöe was probably missing Jack (the one I let get away) and decided to join him on the great outdoors. Katha gave us two more, Arnold (because he's so big) and Sofia, a blind female, as well as the cage for them. Yesterday, Janet brought home a new Zöe, actually a sister of the original Zöe, so now we're matched up with two males and two females. So now, we have Sunny and Zöe II in the larger cage, and Arnold and Sofia in the smaller one. I think. Arnold seems to be the singer in the flock. He breaks out in song in the afternoon and does a pretty good job of it. Maybe he'll encourage Sunny to sing too.

I spent most of Friday morning working on updates to the Chicken Store web site, then came to the Coffee Plantation to catch up on the latest local news. Later, I visited with Little Boy Flowers. He wanted to show me some of the things he's been doing with the latest version of Garage Band on the Mac.

Garage Band is a truly amazing program. It's included with the four other application programs in the iLife suite: iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, and iDVD, making it a great value for $79. Garage Band has to be seen to be appreciated. It puts into the hands of anyone all of the tools necessary to create music, edit what was created, and to record it on CD's or to an MP3 (actually, MP4) file for use with iTunes and on an iPod.

Thursday, my first day back, I attended the third session (my second, since I missed one while in New Mexico) of the City Ambassador Academy. This one was all about the Key West Fire Department, and an interesting session it was, too. It seems to me that we have a very fine fire department here. Key West is rated highly by the agency that does such ratings for the insurance companies, and meets the stringent requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. We, the 37 people enrolled in the current class, were given a thorough presentation on the department, its role, and its performance. We were also given a tour of the Central Fire Station on Truman Ave, where it becomes Roosevelt Boulevard.

Time for me to head back to the apartment now. I might be back on later with some more specific postings. Or I might not. Hang in there.

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