Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break

I was surprised, and not surprised, to read that Spring Break this month has seen many fewer students than in the past. I was surprised because it seemed to me that there were large numbers of them in town, on the streets, and on the beaches. But I was not surprised, because, "how can 'mere students' afford the high costs of renting rooms during season, and the associated expenses of 'having a good time' "?

The article points out that Key West may be attracting more affluent students/breakers. We met some at the Green Parrot on Sunday. They were brothers, Remington and Thurston (even the names fairly drip affluence, don't they?), and their girl friends, down for the week. They were dressed preppily, spoke intelligently, and only hoo-rawed a little bit when the music began.

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