Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Visitors from North Carolina

We went to Captain Tony's yesterday afternoon, listened to Carl Peachey do his weekday afternoon gig there (at least five years now, Carl?) We met up with Jim -- Fishing Jim -- at Schooner Wharf the night before, Sunday night, and he invited us to join him and some of his charter boat friends at Tony's. Janet chatted up some of the tourists who were in the bar, gave them a pitch for the Chicken Store, and got to know them a little.

One couple in particular were fun to talk with, Mike and Betsy from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I think they live in a town called Manteo, though I might have gotten that wrong. Betsy's a science lab teacher in the schools. Mike has a job with a marine fisheries organization, measuring the effects of gill-netting on fish populations in Pamlico and Roanoke Sounds.

Betsy called Janet over while I was parking my bike. She asked, "Did I see you on television last night?" She said that she was watching the Small Town Secrets program in their room, and saw the segment on Key West Chickens. When Janet walked into Captain Tony's, Betsy turned to Mike and said "I think that's the lady who was on television last night". She called Janet over and asked her, and got all excited that she was actually meeting the person she saw on the program.

Mike and Betsy have been married for a year and are making their second visit to the Keys. They were in Key West for the day to meet a plane on which Betsy's sister Tammy was arriving. It was due in at three, but didn't come in until after 7:00, leaving them with three hours to fill. I guess we spent about two hours at Tony's with them.. Janet sent them off to the Chicken Store at about 4:15.

Long story short: they wound up with an invitation to share a meal of tilapia with us at home. We agreed to meet at our house at around 7:00, including Tammy if she managed to get in from Ft. Lauderdale in time. Well, she did, and they came at almost 8:00. We had a nice meal, pleasant conversation, and promises to meet again. They had to be back in Marathon by 10 PM to get checked into their hotel or guest house.

So now, I'm married to a minor celebrity. Not sure I can take the social whirl. Oh my.

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