Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Key West Neighborhood Association

The Key West Neighborhood Association web site is transforming in real time. The content is expanded and has been re-indexed to show current issues at the top level. I anticipate that deeper links behind each one will come that explain and analyze the issue with more detail.

In the meanwhile, the organization is issuing periodic alerts to its membership regarding issues deserving of attention. Two such issues come up this week: 1) The sale of Harris School on Southard St. to the State of Florida for conversion to an artists center; and, 2) Motions before the Special Master concerning the Watermark project. Read more about them here.

There are several such citizen-sponsored and citizen-led groups here. KWNA links to them on its home page.

Working together, these groups could marshall a potentially winning majority for one or more of the City Commission candidates in this Fall's elections and reshape the future of "our town".

Our district is District VI, encompassing Bahama Village, the middle part of Duval Street, and the neighborhoods approaching and surrounding the Cemetery. (It's the pink area on this map.) Carmen Turner has decided against running for re-election, so she is now a lame duck in office. One candidate, Robert Cobb, an owner of Harpoon Harry's Restaurant and a resident of Terry Lane, behind the Lighthouse, is the only announced candidate for that position. A new entrant in the District III race becomes the third declared candidate for that district's seat where current Commissioner Ed Scales is also not standing for re-election.

It's still early days, and it's hard to get citizen attention on an election that doesn't take place for six months. A candidate's forum sponsored by KWNA at Monty's Restaurant at Conch Harbor Marina last week drew only a small crowd, I've been told. (We were not able to attend due to a conflicting engagement.) I'm waiting to hear from the candidates on what positions they hold about the KWNA issues and some others.

Here in Bahama Village, we are faced with the prospect of massive traffic increases on our narrow streets to provide ingress and egress to the Waterfront Park. I think that the planners, and city workers and officials who are shepherding the changes to the City's Master Plan for the Park, are aware of our concerns. I'm not sure that they are addressing them. Some of us intend to see that they do.

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