Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Huh? Oh, sorry, I was distracted there. It wasn't that I forgot to post. I thought of it every day. But last week was all about kids and grandkids, as we spent a very enjoyable week with three of four of our family members from New Hampshire. Betty, Amanda and Cameron bicycled all over this beautiful island with us, and did lots of fun things. We enjoyed every minute of their stay, didn't get to do everything we wanted to, but did enough to bring everyone to that good state of tiredness that results in a good night's sleep.

Much is happening, or is to happen, in the town. I paid attention while vacationing at home, mainly by reading the Citizen each morning, and catching up on the week's news by reading the Friday papers after dropping 'the kids' at the airport early afternoon on Friday.

The city, through its contractor Toppino and Sons, has been digging outside our gate since Monday a week ago. Last week they dropped a huge cement collection tank into the ground on the opposite corner from us, to hook the stormwater collection system to the injection well that was drilled several weeks ago. This week, they're back to connect the catch-basin on our corner to the collection tank. This same system is being installed in about two dozen other locations around town, part of the effort to prevent bad things from the streets from reaching near-shore waters.

We drove up to Sugarloaf yesterday, Janet's day off, to have lunch once again at Fishcutters, at Mile Marker 25. The fish sandwiches, yellowtail snapper this week, were as good as the first time we were there. it's a long way to drive for a sandwich, but worth it. It's an enjoyable drive (if you enjoy driving) for the vistas along the Overseas Highway. Yesterday was warm and humid, but that's why Henry Ford (or someone) invented autombile air conditioning, isn't it?

Janet and I went to a Community Oriented Policing (COPS -- I don't know what the S is for and haven't got time to look right now). I need to get over to my part-time office job, then go to a Bahama Village Music Program board meeting and workshop, go home to do my chores around the house.

We're going to the City Commission meeting to hear what action they take on a proclamation declaring the regal Key West gypsy chicken as "Official Bird of Key West". The designation is proposed by the organizers of Chicken Fest Key West. CFKW is one of those events that generates fun, frivolity, and tourist dollars one presumes.

From the CFKW web site:

Unlike chickenfests across the nation that celebrate fried, roasted, baked and barbecued chickens, ChickenFest Key West? honors the vivacious, living, breathing, squawking chicken. ChickenFest Key West? made a spegg-tacular debut in 2004 and will rule the roost once again in 2005.

"Chickens deserve their own festival because they contribute so much to the island city's offbeat, laid-back atmosphere," said Linda O'Brien, Festival Director. "The visitors who come to Key West love to see the quirkiness of the island, and the chickens exemplify some of that eccentricity."

I hope to be back on a regular posting schedule real soon. Thanks for being patient.

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