Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Rooster Rescue

We were heading out to Fort Zachary Taylor on our bicycles this morning for our weekly bible study with Sharon and Phil. I noticed a park ranger on the side of the entrance road to the park, about a hundred yards past the admission booth. He was trying to corral a rooster who was in obvious distress, limping and hopping on an injured right leg. I called for Janet to hold up and stopped to ask the ranger if he needed some help.

I was surprised at the ranger's response. He showed no pity for the injured animal. Instead he expressed his "hatred" for these "dirty fowl", and said that if someone didn't get the rooster out of the park he was going to kill it. That was enough to get Janet's Irish up, and she gave back to him as good as he gave out, calling him "mean" and "rude" (which he was). He tried to back away from a confrontation, apologizing if he was being rude, but reiterating his hatred for the "dirty fowl".

We said that we'd see that the rooster was taken care of. Ranger Harry, wisely I think, made himself scarce.

A call to the Chicken Store, and then to Katha, the Chicken Lady of Key West, brought a promise to come right over. We kept guard of the rooster who was hiding in shrubs along the fence separating the State Park road from a part of the City's new park land. Katha caught the rooster in short order, examined him and determined that he had an injury to his hip, and took him in her car to bring him to the Chicken Store for treatment and rehabilitation.

We named the rooster "Zach" for the location where he was found.

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