Saturday, July 02, 2005

Celestial Navigations

Many moons ago (it was around 1991), a friend, a fellow Funhog, introduced me to the works of a group of artists -- two musicians and an actor -- who appeared live and recorded under the name Celestial Navigations. It's hard to describe what they do without being able to let you listen to a performance of their work. It took me a long while, but I managed to collect the four CDs that they released through the mid 1990's. They had pretty much disappeared from view, even on the internet. Only lately did I discover that they now have a renewed presence on the web, and that they've released some new material including, apparently, a DVD of a recent live performance in California.

I was talking to Elizabeth during the week about a desire that she has to move to Boston to attend a school for digital filmmaking run by Boston University. The conversation reminded me of one track in particular from a CN CD, The Loser, which gives a lesson on doing important things "now", rather than later. What's on the web site is only a sample of the track, but it'll give you an idea of what I'm trying to describe.

Check it out.

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