Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dennis dropping by?

Janet called me a few minutes ago to see if I'd heard the news, that the City and County have triggered the tourist evacuation notice, as we watch nervously the path of Hurricane Dennis. It was very quiet in town this morning. Tour trains and trolleys glided past empty, or with only a few passengers. There's much less street traffic than usual. The Coffee Plantation was almost empty. The early morning regulars hadn't come in at all, so the bagels are still piled high on their platter.

NOAA has us on a hurricane watch. Dennis has strengthened now to 105 MPH, and its track is shifting northward, which puts us further into the cone of probability.

Our weather forecast for Friday and the weekend calls for wind and rain, but hasn't officially forecast a hurricane for Key West or the upper Keys.

And so it begins. Living in the Real Key West.

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