Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Iguana Invasion

You heard about this, right? Iguanas are invading the Florida Keys, according to this article, and this one.

I think I've only ever seen one iguana in the wild down here, out at the beach one time, walking in the seagrasses where the sand ends and the boardwalks begin. It wasn't huge, but of an appreciable size, certainly big enough to be noticed.

"The State Department of Agriculture recommends trapping the iguana, then putting them in your freezer where he'll die a painless death," Spehar wrote to fellow commissioners. "This is not an acceptable means to rid the pest."

Good going, Dixie. Tell 'em how to do it, then wash your hands of the problem by saying, "but you shouldn't". Sometimes think Keys residents have too much time on their hands, too many little things to worry over. I liked the suggestion of a caller to the Citizens' Voice this morning.

"What is it with you people who want to kill everything you see? Leave the iguanas alone."

I also saw a suggestion from someone that we begin an Iguana Fest.

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