Monday, July 18, 2005

(Not) Stormy Monday

So Monday dawns a beautiful day. We're getting some bands of breeze from the back side of Emily (that sounds vaguely unpleasant). Yesterday was a hot day, but there was a goodly breeze through most of it which made it seem no quite so bad. Today is shaping up the same, though the breezes will diminish as Emily moves further away.

We closed out Saturday night by going to the Green Parrot, as planned. Once again, the advice I had from Janet and Bill was right on. Juanita Dixon, backed by the Jeff Prine band was right out of the Blues Divas, Uppity Blues Women songbook. She sang number after number, backed by the Jeff Prine band, seated on a folding chair from which she only moved when going on break.

Yesterday, Sunday, we slept late then went to the Coffee Plantation for breakfast and our Bible study with Phil and Sharon. Janet went food shopping with Diane afterwards, and I went home to read for a while. Later we went back to the Parrot for an hour or so for Purple's 60th birthday. She's been here for a long time, knows and is known by lots of people.

Today shapes up as interesting. I'm going to see John Jones, the assistant City Manager about the traffic plan for the Truman Waterfront park. I hope to get more information about the missing chickens, too.

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