Saturday, July 02, 2005

Radio Paradise

Houseboat Rick was in the Coffee Plantation when I arrived this morning. It was late, eleven o'clock when I got here. I woke up late, saw Janet off to work, paid the rent, took a shower. Diane and Theo were deciding what to put on for music. Rick suggested that they tune into Radio Paradise. Being the curious fellow I am, and with my laptop at the ready, I went to their website to see what it was all about.

While wandering around, I came across this posting from August 2004 in a forum:

Last week I did something I rarely do. I went on vacation.

I spent 5 days in one of the most beautiful communities on the planet - Key West, FL. The spirit of the people there is not something you run into very often. They are generous beyond belief, friendly to strangers, bound together by their love of each and every sunset at Mallory Square, and don't hesitate to come together in the face of a hurricane.

I learned a lot from these people. If I could afford to live there I would in a heartbeat.

Author: SiniLMan from Yucca Valley, CA

Thanks, SiniLMan. We try, we really do. Those of us who care, anyhow.

Y'all check out Radio Paradise, too. Looks interesting.

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