Friday, July 08, 2005

Riding it out

It's 1:30 PM Friday as I write, about 12 hours before the eye of Dennis is predicted to pass by Key West. We've made all possible preparations. Now we're at home, watching television and keeping track of the storm here, and here, and here.

We went to the Coffee Plantation this morning and had coffee with Diane as Theo finished putting plywood over the windows and doors of the shop. John, our landlord, closed up all the new hurricane shutters he put on the house just a month ago. We went to the store and picked up some ice, batteries for the radio and flashlight, and a few groceries. The town emptied out quickly as the forecasts came in last night and this morning, but there are still people out and about. The shutters were going up on CVS when we went there a couple of hours ago, but the store and the pharmacy were both open and busy. We drove on Duval Street to go to Fausto's for a few more items and saw the vans from Miami TV stations parked all around La Concha hotel, which is where they usually set up.

It's raining at the moment, heavily, and thunder is rolling, as bands spin off the hurricane now over Cuba, just 90 miles away. We aren't seeing any real winds yet. The forecast looks favorable for us, as the track of the storm continues to drift west a little, moving the eye further into the Gulf of Mexico.

We've invited Bubba and Cyndee to come here to ride out the worst part of the storm. They live in a trailer at Stadium Courts, an area given to flooding. They also have the option of going north to Cudjoe Key to stay with friends there. They'll decide later in the day.

We'll stay connected for as long as the power and internet connection remain up. Cell phone is at the ready, if only the towers don't go down.

Talk to you again on the other side.

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