Saturday, July 23, 2005


I'm in the courtyard of Bahama Market, outside the Coffee Plantation, waiting for Red to show up. He called this morning and said he has some information about the meeting the other night of the Workforce & Affordable Housing Sub-Committee. Bahama Mama's restaurant closed up this week. Corey and Mendel loaded up a sixteen or eighteen foot van with most of what was inside. I'd heard that they were moving, somewhere near Orlando, I think. The restaurant never lived up to its potential, probably because the location never developed the way that Historic Properties of America, an Ed Swift company, envisioned that it would. They were given their six-month lease termination notice at the same time as the Coffee Plantation and the other business located here at the corner of Whitehead and Petronia Streets. It's kind of ironic, because the restaurant was just featured on Rachel Ray's show on the Food Network, as a segment of her "$40 a Day" feature on Key West.

HPA is retaining only the hat shop and ticket booth located at the very corner of the lot as commercial property. The remainder of the lot, as I wrote a while back, is to be redeveloped as residential. I imagine a compound of four houses in a gated enclosure surrounding a landscaped common pool and garden area. Maybe that's where Swift will use the ROGO units he negotiated with the City for the property on the Bridle Path. Those, and some transient rental permits, will probably convert to $10,000,000 plus in real estate value.

It's very, very quiet on the street this morning. It's almost 10:30. There must not be cruise ships in port. There are few trollies and trains running. When they do come by, there are few passengers. This is another event weekend: a combination of Mel Fisher Days and the Hemingway Look-alike event. I wonder where the people are?

The City's clean-up from Hurricane Dennis is continuing. A short parade of vehicles -- a front-end loader, a large dump trailer, and two pickup trucks, one a City Public Works truck, just moved slowly up Whitehead St., in the direction of the Southernmost Point. Maybe they're headed to Truman Avenue and Thomas Street, where we still have of couple of large piles of miscellaneous trash and debris, or to Terry Lane, where a pile of shrubbery is providing temporary affordable housing for several families of chickens.

The tour train went up Petronia St. a minute ago with seven passengers aboard. Another one, empty, glided down Whitehead St toward the downtown train stop. The Old Town Trolley just dropped off its only two passengers in front of Bahama Market. They promptly wandered off in the direction of the Green Parrot.

We're having Katha, Roy and Martin over to dinner this evening. Martin is leaving to go back to Oaxaca, Mexico next week, after helping Katha out with the chickens for the past few months. He may return again. Janet is off gathering the remainder of the makings of the meal she has planned. It (the meal) revolves around Canadian Stuffed Peppers at its core, but features some Mexican accents for Martin's benefit. We like all three of them, and are looking forward to a pleasant evening.

Well, Red hasn't appeared. I called the house. Little Boy said that he was running some errands with Dotty. I might catch up with him later.

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