Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SWB Tree 3

SWB Tree 3
Originally uploaded by kwshoes.
This is what's left of the big tree by the stage at Schooner Wharf bar.

I saw this picture among some that Hal posted at Its Only Key West, and it made me sad. The big tree at the edge of the dance floor at Schooner Wharf is a victim of Emily. I really liked that tree. It shaded the stage during the day. It was a convenient place to lean if watching the dancers, or listening to a particularly impressive piece of musicianship. Even the doves who lived in the tree and occasionally dive-bombed for a scrap of food, or the odd rat that scampered into the tree to get away from a dog or cat only added to the allure of "the Wharf".

The poster barring animals from SWB is also here at My Flickr.

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