Friday, July 29, 2005

Truman Waterfront Traffic

John Jones, Assistant City Manager, came to Bahama Village last night to meet with a dozen or so residents, and to ask for community support for a proposed alternative traffic plan for ingress and egress at the Truman Waterfront Park. The alternative plan was developed by Jones, a former City Engineer, and Roland Flowers, the City's current Director of Engineering & Public Works.

Here is their professional opinion of the plan that is currently before the City Commission:

"Our professional opinion from an engineering traffic flow and over all community view point is that the current plan, if implemented, could cause severe traffic problems in the area, would be a safety risk to the residents of the area, would be detrimental to the quality of life and safety of the residents of the Bahama Village community as a whole, and could result in the overall degradation of a historical residential community."

To that, I can only say "yes!", that's what will happen if the City Commissioners approve the plan as it is currently before them. The alternative plan is a little better, in that it moves the traffic from Truman Avenue onto Petronia St. (inbound) and Angela St. (outbound), but is does nothing to reduce the amount of traffic as projected by the consultants who are developing the plan for the City. That figure is 5,000 more vehicle trips into and out of the park every day when fully built out.

Commissioner Carmen Turner scheduled a community workshop for Thursday, August 4th, and is asking Bahama Village citizens to "join with City staff in developing ways to minimize traffic impacts to the neighborhood while still reconnecting Bahama Village to the Truman Waterfront."

We neighbors agreed last night that it is critically important to ensure a large turnout for the meeting next Thursday, and we've begun to do what is necessary to accomplish that. We will distribute and post fliers throughout Bahama Village urging residents to attend, and to let City Commissioners know that we will not stand for the burden of traffic to fall disproportionately upon Bahama Village.

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