Thursday, July 28, 2005

Unaffordable Housing (Cont'd)

I went back to the workshop a little after 1 pm, stayed until 3, and had to leave (to let the dog out) a little before the wrap-up, so I don't have the whole story. I'm hopeful that Solares Hill (they had a reporter there) will give it some good coverage.

I consider the five hours I attended to be time well-spent. I learned a lot, met some bright people, and gained a better understanding of the dynamics of affordable -- or as it is sometimes called, community -- housing.

One of the things I realized is that there is a spectrum of "affordable" housing, that it's not the same thing for all people. I'm reminded of the blind men feeling the elephant and attempting to describe what it is they are touching. A rented room, a house trailer, a small apartment, a condo, a house all represent housing to someone. Renting versus buying, sharing versus private, and location all add other dimensions to the spectrum. Affordable depends on factors such as income, living expenses, savings, and others, and on what kinds of job one is qualified for, as well as how many hours a week one is willing to work to afford to live in a particular place. Your 'point of view' determines what affordable housing means. It's different for everyone.

I now have a "well" of information and data that I can dip into occasionally to write more about this topic.

Here's one link that I think will prove to be instructive. There'll be others.

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