Sunday, July 03, 2005

Watermark Marketing

Cortex Companies is the parent of the company developing the Watermark Project at the Key West Bight, on the site of the former Jabour's Trailer Park and Campground, just behind Schooner Wharf Bar. They now have a web site up that helps to explain their corporate structure and which outlines developments currently underway.

Cortex Development Group LLC (CDG), the development arm of Cortex Companies, was established in 2000 with the core focus of developing complex residential and commercial real estate projects in the Florida Keys, the South Florida coast and the Caribbean. The company is headed by two principals: Derek Parker & Everett Atwell, both native to Key West, who have pooled their professional talent and assets toward the goal of developing only top quality vacation, residential and marina products.

Blending quality, environmentally-sound development with the fragile infrastructure and environment of the Florida Keys is a key aspect of Cortex Companies projects. CDG manages and operates all of its projects in house. Each project is handled from inception to sale entirely by its own team. CDG maintains its corporate offices in the Tampa, Florida area and a local operations office in Key West, Florida.

CDG currently has four active projects located in the Florida Keys and southwest Florida that are anticipated to total over $175,000,000 in sales for 2004.

Parker and Atwell are indeed Key West natives, but that should not be taken to mean that they are permanent residents here. In fact, the base of operations for Cortex Companies is in Tampa, and both Parker and Atwell are residents of the Tampa area.

The four principals of the company are all graduates of Key West High School, having grown up here. Parker and Atwell graduated together in 1978.

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