Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Candidate's Forum

Hometown PAC conducted its Candidates Forum at the Tropic Cinema last night. It was interesting in a number of ways. Candidates for Mayor and the four Commissioner districts in which there are candidates for election on October 4 were questioned by guest panelists.

The forum began with the two mayoral candidates, incumbent Jimmy Weekley and challenger Morgan McPherson. The two threw jabs at each other, but delivered no knockout blows. The format for the forum was designed by its organizers to minimize heat and to generate light. It generally succeeded in that. McPherson opened by recounting his discussion with City Manager Julio Avael about his -- Avael's -- goals and objectives. Avael reportedly told McPherson that he had none, that "politics" on the Commission precluded that. Weekley jabbed back by saying that McPherson demonstrated his lack of knowledge with that statement, that the City has goals and objectives that are measured by an an annual Evaluation and Appraisal Report. On his turn, McPherson counter-punched by correcting Weekley, saying that he was describing Avael's lack of personal goals and objectives, not the City's itself.

The two went on to answer several other questions that were prepared in advance by the Hometown PAC. I'm going through their written responses to other questions and may have something more to say about those later. I'll also discuss some of the other panels, the ones for Commission candidates.

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