Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Candidates Qualifying for October Elections

Barring any last minute surprises, there will be seventeen candidates contesting for offices in the City's October municipal elections. Thirteen of them are running for five positions on the seven-member City Commission.The Keynoter lists them in this article. The filing period closes on Friday at noon.

Mayor - Incumbent Jimmy Weekley, Morgan McPherson.
District 1, encompassing downtown and part of Old Town: Incumbent Tom Oosterhoudt; Tom Milone; William Verge.
District 2, encompassing the military base and Hilton Haven: interim Incumbent Mark Rossi; Mimi McCoy-Grantham; George Halloran.
District 3, which takes in much of New Town: Russ Draper; Dan Kohlage; Paul S. Mills.
District 6, encompassing Bahama Village: Robert A. Cobb; Clayton Lopez.

The remaining four candidates are running for three seats on the City Utility Board.

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