Wednesday, August 10, 2005

City Commission

This from the Key West Citizens' Voice via the Key West Neighborhood Association web site (which is somewhat moribund in the summer months):

"Watermark, HTA monopoly, cruise ships. I'm not worried
about our cops as much as I am our commissioners. We are
partly to blame. Let's start a CRB to monitor the City
Commission. We put them in office, but we don't have to
make the same mistake twice."
(from Citizens' Voice)

This level of negativity towards any government body is not good. Yet, it seems to be a widely held opinion .

There's this too:

"We've read all the support for the Duck Tours verdict, the anger over the Watermark debacle, and the mounting
disdain for the City Commissioners and their poor decision making resulting in huge lawsuits we citizens will have
to pay. We MUST and can change things in Key West. Please join the Key West Neighborhood Association to
make this a better place to live. We have no political agenda ? just the desire for honest politicians with a brain
and common sense!" (To whoever called this in to Citizens' Voice, thank you!)

And this:

The transient rental situation has been so discouraging for me
that I cannot conceive continuing living at the Shipyard
Condominiums if things do not change. For the last six years,
I have lived in a first floor unit from November through May.
..... "

More from Rob Jacob's letter --- CLICK HERE

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