Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Florida Hometown Democracy

I came across this via a link I found while wandering through some web site or another. I thought it was the Key West Neighborhood Association web site, but I can't find the referring link there.

Anyway, I'm reading through the Hometown Democracy site this morning, and find much there to be supportive of. The site carries a citizens' initiative petition for an amendment to the Florida Constitution that would require that adoption or revision of Land Development Regulations (LDRs) be approved by a vote of the citizens of a county or municipality where they occur. That isn't how it is now. By and large, changes to LDRs are approved by elected representatives of the citizenry, and they are treated as a vehicle for short-term zoning changes for developments that don't quite conform to the LDRs as written. Watermark may be an example of that, though I'm not an attorney or planner so can't say so with certainty.

I've bookmarked the site. I plan to print the petition, sign it and send it in, and I'll take the organizations advice and get five friends to sign it and do the same.

Now I have to go with Tony to get some pictures of the "Gates of Truman Annex" so we can further our traffic plan for Bahama Village.

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