Monday, August 08, 2005

Glorie's Pizza

Diane and Theo invited us to their home on Griffin Lane for pizza last night -- home-made pizza. Yum!

The night was warm, possible thundershowers were in the forecast. We bicycled over. Joanna Connor was in the middle of a Sunday matinee at the Green Parrot as we passed. We lingered at the stop light to hear her finish up one number, regretting that rain the night before kept us from going to hear her, then continued on. Theo pulled up beside us on his scooter on Fleming St. at Duval, on his way home after closing up the coffee shop. Arriving, we pulled into their lane and put our bicycles inside their gate -- for security; Janet's tricycle is a sure target for thieves. Peter, D&T's landlord came in, followed soon by Captain Rick.

Dinner was to be outside, on the patio. The barbecue grill was fired up, but we began with a Greek salad and opened the first of three bottles of red wine that would complement the food and lubricate the conversation on this evening. Salad done, Diane went to work, stretching and shaping the dough into the approximate shape of a pizza, not round, not square, but certainly flat like a pizza. It was the first time, I think, that we had a pizza not baked in an oven. I didn't realize that pizzas could be cooked on a barbecue grill. Diane demonstrated not only that it can be done, but also that it should be done that way. Delicioso!!

As dinner proceeded, we could see brilliant flashes of lightning on both visible horizons, we could hear the rolling thunder off in the distance. As dinner ended, the rain began, driving us inside to continue the several conversations begun on the patio.

We waited for the rain to drift away, got dry plastic bags to put over our bicycle seats, and headed on home, well-fed and happy. These impromptu dinners are a favorite feature of life in the Real Key West.

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