Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hometown PAC

The Key West Hometown PAC is a somewhat puzzling organization to me. I became aware of it early this year while attending meetings of the Key West Neighborhood Association. There appeared to be a loose association between those two organizations, perhaps only a bond of common memberships.

The Board of Directors of Hometown PAC, it has been reported, have contributed heavily to the campaign of the current Mayor, Jimmy Weekley. The organization describes itself this way:

Mission Statement

Hometown PAC will endorse and support officials who will unite and give voice to residents, and provide leadership and balance for growth and economic issues while preserving the character of Key West.

Goals for Hometown PAC

-Promote accountability and integrity in local government by following issues to ensure laws are wisely conceived and fairly applied.

-Support effective leadership by supporting candidates and office holders who share our vision.

-Advocate respect for our diverse neighborhoods and their priorities.

-Respectfully preserve Key West's historic character and legacy.

-Welcome cooperative opportunities to work in concert with other organizations on issues that reflect shared objectives.


Membership is open only to residents or homeowners who work or live in Key West. Active membership requires a $10 annual fee. Membership is nonpartisan.

I and others I know are waiting to see if the PAC is what it claims and appears to be, a nonpartisan organization. They will be endorsing candidates and supporting candidates financially. It seems to me those two activities are a definition of partisan.

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