Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last Stand, Growth, and Housing

Last Stand is an organization that has been operating in Key West for a number of years as a preservationist watchdog over matters of growth, environmental concern, and quality of life. More recently, Last Stand expanded its reach to all of the Keys, on the basis that, "Residents in all of Monroe County have the same concerns - the lack of balance between development and protecting our fragile ecosystems, between the grab for tourism dollars and available, affordable housing."

Some people say that Last Stand is an obstructionist organization. They strike me as more a protectionist one, fighting against the rampant (over)development that has characterized the Keys over the last ten years. The subject of affordable housing has heated up as more and more of the workforce is being evicted from the Keys by the swift-rising cost of homes and of rents, pricing all but the wealthy out of the market.

A recent letter from a Last Stand board member addresses head on the organizations position on affordable housing.


County Commissioner Murray Nelson replies to Last Stand., says they ARE Anti-growth and oppose affordable housing. Who to believe?

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