Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mallory Square

Mallory Square is world-famous as the location of Key West's year-round Sunset Celebration, a nightly mini-fair with food, drink, entertainment, and an eclectic assortment of artists, and craftspeople. Oh yes, and a sunset.

Mallory Square is owned by the City of Key West, which leases the space to a variety of businesses for a variety of uses: it's a cruise ship dock, a performance space, a parking lot, surrounded by commercial spaces leased to the Key West Chamber Commerce, Historic Tours of America, and others.

Historic Tours of America is the umbrella for the "Swift Companies", a successful venture by resident entrepreneur Edwin O. (Ed) Swift, his business partner Chris Belland, and others. Beginning with the acquisition of Key West's "Little Conch Train", HTA has grown to include similar operations in cities from San Diego to Boston to Washington to Savannah and back to Key West. A companion company, Historic Properties of America, owns or manages various properties in these same cities.

Looking at the Mallory Square web site the other day, I noticed something that struck me as odd. The phrase Mallory Square, it appears, is a servicemark (like a trademark) belonging to Historic Tours of America. Or so it is claimed on the Mallory Square web site; notice the small "sm" next to each use of the phrase.

A search of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office didn't yield any information that there has actually been such a mark registered by any one, so the use of it on the Mallory Square web site might be prospective, indicative of an intent to register the mark. Or it might just be a mistake. Yeah, that's it, a mistake. How could HTA get a servicemarksm on City-owned property?

It bears some looking into.

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Apostle John said...

You describe the Sunset celebration very well! Makes me want to hop in the car and head south.

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