Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Update

The thunder is rolling and the sky grew dark about 15 minutes ago. We're watching Sunday Morning on CBS, all about wealth and success, the current segment about Danny Gans, the most popular Las Vegas entertainer you never heard of. I checked the weather radar and we are in the thick of some heavy rain cells that look like they'll be around for a while.

Janet's talking to Sharon, just back from England. We called off the Bible study this morning due to the threatening weather, and because Janet is doing some food preparation for a get-together this afternoon at Ri and Sandy's over on Rose Street, in New Town.

I missed posting on Thursday and Saturday for no particular reason other than laziness, or distraction. I went to the Plantation early, Janet joined me later, then went on to the Lobster Festival. I headed for home and put in a couple of hours gathering information for the Commissioner's meeting on September 6, at which they may make a decision about traffic flows in and out of the Truman Waterfront Park. Later, we watched the movie "A Walk to Remember", recommended by our granddaughter Amanda. It's a tearjerker, but a good movie with a decently uplifting story that could have gotten maudlin or become a teen movie, but didn't.

Theo called this morning to see why we didn't wind up on Duval St. for the Lobster Fest party last night. We've both installed Skype® on our computers and can now call free over the internet. He is going to use it this morning to call his brothers in The Netherlands, which he can do for a cost of about 2.5¢ a minute using Skype. This isn't an ad. I don't own any Skype stock. I do admire technology well-designed and well-implemented. Skype seems to have nailed it.

The Real Key West is feeling good these days, despite the heat, the humidity. The tourists still come, and we welcome them, but summer is a time for locals. A good example is the street party at Buck's Bottle Cap bar and package store on Simonton Street at Virgina St. This is an event that received very little advance publicity. It was billed as the grand-reopening of the Bottle Cap as country & western bar, and as a 50th birthday party for its new owner, Carmelo Vitale of Virgilios/LaTrattoria. For a donation to a kids charity at the entrance, there was free food, free beer, a chocolate fountain, and a mechanical bull ride. I'm told that the Mayor rode the bull tandem with a feminine co-rider and that there are plenty of pictures to prove it. We, on the other hand, left after an hour there, went home, after which Janet went for one set of reggae at the Green Parrot.

Now it's off to the Plantation for morning coffee.

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